Since 1990, Automazioni VX SRL has worked with hatcheries from around the world.

We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and servicing of vaccination equipment for poultry. The precision and simplicity of our flagship Innoject Pro device allows a high standardisation of vaccination, a higher percentage of well vaccinated chicks, high production per hour and maximum operator safety.

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Innoject Pro

The latest in day-old chick vaccination technology.

Main Features
  • Designed to reduce stress and injury on chicks
  • Two simultaneous vaccinations
  • Up to 4,000 chicks vaccinated per hour, per unit
  • Wifi and bluetooth network capabilities
  • Built in disinfection system
  • Operators are shielded from injection
Technical Specifications
  • Air pressure required is 6,0 bar
  • Electrical Required 110-220v
  • Stainless Steel build
  • 28kg weight
  • Disposable or stainless-steel needles
  • Water resistant during cleaning
  • Machine Dimensions L: 350mm, W: 440m, H: 530mm

Chick welfare and quality control

AVX works hard to continuously develop and improve welfare standards using a range of information, including the latest scientific research and practical hatchery experience.

We regularly review and study animal welfare practices and standards to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed animal welfare standards with Innoject Pro.

This ensures Innoject Pro device standards are at the forefront of vaccination biosecurity and chick welfare in commercial hatcheries.


Delivering high quality results around the world

Our partners in the field range from small size hatcheries to large commercial hatchery operations, including the biggest names in the broiler and layer world.

You can find Innoject Pro installed in almost every single European country as well as the majority of Latin America, across Africa, Canada and the United States.

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